Perfection in spatial configuration

UNIQUIN enables you to perfect the spatial impression of your interior architecture. The system offers flush-fitting profiles complemented by architectural hardware and locking systems all in the same coordinated design. A special powder coating is applied to the aluminum, imparting to it an elegantly textured finish offering resistance. UNIQUIN can be fitted with partition elements of glass, timber or other materials in thicknesses up to 19 millimeters. Available from 2018.

Divides spaces without consuming them

Be it in an office complex, a hotel or some other installation location: UNIQUIN is an asset to any spatial structure. Its sophisticated design, transparency and the daylight it allows to flood in generate a pleasant ambience conducive to both creativity and relaxation.

And you can incorporate both sliding and swing doors of standard or full room height as required. Existing structural openings can also be fitted with UNIQUIN frames as an individual door solution.

Electrified for any spatial layout

UNIQUIN offers flexibility in electrification, allowing the interior configuration to be fully adapted to the planned use of the room.

  • The cabling is integrated in the profiles.
  • So switches and sockets can be fitted precisely where they are needed.
  • Electronic access control components can also be integrated without problem.

Aesthetics and security in one

Access control systems from dormakaba can likewise be integrated within the UNIQUIN system.

  • The security levels available extend from manually operated lock cylinders to electronically controlled access management.
  • Security solutions can be implemented either on an individual room basis or as an integrated system.

High sound absorption for improved concentration

UNIQUIN reduces sound transmission between adjacent rooms,

  • with the insulating effect augmented the decoupling of the aluminum profiles and the partition infill elements
  • Even noisy events next door will not impair concentration in an adjacent space
  • Use of special glass results in sound reduction levels of up to 40dB

Good to hear, nice to see

The acoustic modules included in the UNIQUIN package create a pleasant ambient feel, while also offering something for the eye as attractive design elements.

  • Aging-resistant, recyclable acoustic fleece in aluminum frames to effectively absorb noise
  • Acoustic module sizes individually adaptable
  • Fabric covering can be individually printed and provided with appropriate designs for further visual enhancement

The benefits at a glance

  • Advanced design with finely coordinated functional componentsFlexible choice of infill elements from 10 to 19 mm in thickness (TSG, LSG, timber)
  • Integrated electrification for optimized spatial utilization
  • Individually dimensioned acoustic modules for a pleasant ambient feel
  • Decoupled glass mountings for increased sound insulation
  • Integrated security with access control options
  • Simple, fast installation
  • Combination of sliding and swing doors of standard or full room height with coordinated designs

UNIQUIN – The movie

Experience how the new access and room system creates architecture flooded with light throughout life  – from nursery school to office.


UNIQUIN Installation

Experience the installation of UNIQUIN in all the various application possibilities. Tailored and cut into 11 chapters, animated and with important information for the single assembling steps: These animated videos provide assistance, as well in the preparation phase as also during the installation on site.

Technical brochure UNIQUIN

UNIQUIN – The access and room system with lifestyle character

PDF | 21 Mb | 01.04.2022

Brochure PDF