The door rail programme TP/TA EASY Safe leaves nothing to be desired

The TP/TA EASY Safe door rails for double-action and single-action doors are recommended at the top and bottom of the door leaf to stabilise particularly wide doors or for use only on bottom door edges to protect against impacts. Matched to the design and surfaces of the DORMA-Glas patch fittings, they thus create a uniform appearance even in complex toughened glass assemblies. In larger properties, they extend this design consistency to shop front/entrance solutions with Horizontal Sliding or Folding Sliding walls due to the identical construction with the HSW and FSW door rails.

Quick and easy installation

  • The new door rail offers time-saving and effortless installation thanks to clampable pivot point inserts.
  • These can be positioned steplessly in the door rail.

Maximum dimensions

  • Double-action doors: Width up to 1400 mm, height up to 4000 mm, weight up to 200 kg
  • Single-action doors: Width up to 1200 mm, height up to 3500 mm, weight up to 100 k


TP/TA Easy Safe – Data Sheet

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Planning flexibility and safety

  • The new door rail allows different types of glass to be installed: TSG, LSG from 2x TSG, STG.
  • Glass thicknesses from 10 to 19 mm can be realized by interlayers.
  • Clamp&Glue Technology (mandatory with LSG) is also possible with the other glass types as an option – for more safety.
  • Double brush seals in the upper and lower door rails ensure a proper building closure and noticeably minimise draughts.

Durable high quality

The lock inserts are characterised by a corrosion-protected and abrasion-resistant bolt with integrated, hardened security roll pin. Thus the highest corrosion resistance according to EN 670, class 4 and DIN 825, class 3 (with regard to type testing) is achieved.
The latch function was successfully tested by a neutral testing institute with 500,000 operating cycles and the bolt with 100,000 operating cycles.

Technical brochure TGA

TP/TA EASY Safe – Technical Brochure

PDF | 2.5 Mb | 01.04.2022

Brochure PDF