The lock that matches life.

Precise concept: The MUNDUS series of patch fittings

Forms yield a good design only when they’re together. MUNDUS, clear, straight lines, with rounded corners, a system of high-quality materials and well-thought-out technology. A clear design comes up, monolithic, without visible screws. The MUNDUS fitting series sets the trend for toughened glass assemblies.

Beautiful lock:OFFICE Mundus

The door opens. The door closes. A hundred thousand times. Opening and closing are far more than technical processes. The mechanism is touched – and it touches the senses. This is precisely where the holistic design quality of the lock manifests itself. Exactly matching the MUNDUS series of patch fitting.

Appealing design:Lock and lever handle.

A room must have an effect. Otherwise, it would not be a room in which one lives and works. To achieve that, the basic shapes, colours and surface finishes must communicate with one another. A variegated interplay according to a design language developed by dormakaba.
This is how toughened glass assemblies manifest their perfection, they are both functionally as well as emotionally impressive.
So zeigen sich Ganzglas-Anlagen in Perfektion, sie überzeugen sowohl funktional als auch emotional.

OFFICE Mundus lock with dormakabac-lever compact. Clarity in designand function

The dormakaba c-lever compact electronic door fitting is the ideal complement in design and function. It ideally complements the mechanical and unlockable lock for all-glass doors OFFICE Mundus. The combination thus offers a modern and intelligent solution for digital access control, e.g. in office buildings, public authorities or in the retail trade.

OFFICE Mundus Factsheet

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Double-Action Door Systems
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