The manual sliding door system for glass and timber panels. Compact, flexible and varied

MUTO is a manual sliding door system offering relatively simple installation. All relevant functions can be adjusted from the front. You also benefit from various convenient options such as a self-closing function and an integrated lock that requires no external power supply.

Simple, fast installation

  • All settings can be adjusted from the front after installation
  • Particularly simple height adjustment
  • Convenient functions such as DORMOTION, status indicator and lock can be retrofitted at panels with Comfort width

Convenient, individually configurable

  • DORMOTION for all weight categories without glass preparation
  • Status indicator for connection to a building management system
  • Integrated electro-mechanical lock requiring no external power supply

More design flexibility for architects and planners

  • Installation at wall or ceiling also with glass side panels (sidelights)
  • Installation with glass overpanel and side panels
  • Synchro function: moving both panels of a double door synchronously either toward each other (closing) or from each other (opening) when just one panel is moved by hand
  • Telescopic function for large clear openings
  • Self-closing without external power supply
  • Secure use of laminated safety glass thanks to Clamp & Glue technology (residual load-bearing capacity, design or noise protective membranes)
  • Longer service life: now 200,000 motion cycles
Technical brochure Man. Slidingdoorsystem

The compact and flexible manual sliding door system

PDF | 109 Mb | 01.04.2022

Brochure PDF

Calculation Tool for Glass Preparations for Applications MUTO on Glass

When MUTO systems shall be integrated into toughened glass assemblies our Excel-based tool will help you:

  • for the calculation of the glass processing for side fixed panels and overpanels
  • for the calculation of the suitable heights and widths of the door leaves
    Please also note our explanations on the first spreadsheet.
Calculation tool Excel

Please refer to the technical drawings for further details.

Drawings PDF

Product video

MUTO. Our new multi-functional manual sliding door system.


Installation video

MUTO Comfort XL Dormotion