The big solution for small openings.

The youngest member of the DORMA-Glas sliding door family brings design freedom and flexibility to even the smallest doorways, whether in apartments, hotels or the restaurant and hospitality industry. Now you can readily install glass or timber sliding panels in passage widths from as little as 600 mm – with the DORMOTION damping option still available. The optimized air gap of just 14 mm ensures improved draft protection. And the integration of side lights in ceiling-mounted systems is also now a reality. Even with small panels weighing up to 60 kg, maximum installation convenience remains assured: Both the anti-jump protection and the height-adjustment devices can be operated from the front. Muto Comfort M 60 – the big solution for the smallest of doorways.

More room where space is tight

MUTO Comfort M 60: A standardized system offering great adaptability. To get light streaming into passageways up to 2,500 mm high, you can choose between toughened safety glass (TSG) or – with reliable hold courtesy of our Clamp & Glue technology – laminated safety glass (LSG). Or perhaps a timber finish better suits the interior? With MUTO Comfort M 60 you can use glass panels between 8 and 12 mm and wooden doors between 28 and 50 mm thick. A simple adapter is all you need. And with the ceiling-mounted version, you also have the option of an integrated stationary side light – for a room with even more transparency, light and latitude. Whatever you choose, you will be impressed with the result. MUTO Comfort M 60: More room where space is tight.

Small & slim

Draught in the bathroom or better be well protected? With the MUTO Comfort M 60 sliding door solution, the door leaves are guided so close to the wall that the air gap between the wall and the overlapping glass measures only 14 mm. This turns a visit to the bathroom into a feel-good experience.

Convenience that starts with the fixing work

Effortless installation, easy operation. With the MUTO Comfort M 60, all the installation and adjustment work can be done quickly and conveniently from the front. Whether anti-jump mechanism or height variation on the already mounted panel – you have a clear view of the functional elements in front of you and can adjust everything easily, quickly and safely – typical simplicity in keeping with the DORMA-Glas credo. The MUTO Comfort M 60 has been carefully engineered to make your life easier.

The installation benefits of the MUTO Comfort M 60 at a glance

  • A 25% time saving versus the predecessor model
  • Installation and adjustment from the front for added ease
  • Mounted panels effortlessly adjustable between + 4 mm and – 2 mm in the vertical
  • Reliable anti-jump mechanism
  • DORMOTION damping mechanism readily retrofittable to the mounted panel – without glass preparation
  • Side light available for ceiling-mounted doorset

MUTO Comfort M 60: The ideal solution wherever space is at a premium

Light, bright rooms for your customers. And a delight for you. With a minimum passage width of 600 mm, the MUTO Comfort M 60 suits a wide range of applications – from private homes to hotels and restaurants. In fact, no matter how restrictive the conditions, the MUTO Comfort M 60 enhances user convenience, improves quality of life and “bigs up” even the smallest of doors.

  • For clear passage widths upward of 600 mm (550 mm with and 400 mm without DORMOTION damping also available subject to consultation)
  • For light doors up to 60 kg in weight and 2,500 mm in height
  • For panels of glass (8-12 mm) or timber (28-50 mm)
  • Wall-fixed or ceiling-mounted side light available for ceiling-mounted doorsets
  • Enhanced reliability in the use of laminated safety glass with Clamp & Glue technology
  • Optimized air gap of just 14 mm
  • AL silver anodized, AL niro anodized (stainless steel look) and AL white powder-coated
  • Other anodized and powder-coated finishes
  • DORMOTION readily and effortlessly retrofittable
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