The timeless elegant patch fitting for toughened glass assemblies. Unique and individual

Thanks to its multi-dimensional stepless adjustability, the door can be quickly and easily aligned even after mounting. Proven Clamp & Glue technology ensures secure clamping of laminated safety glass.

Customizable surfaces and colors

  • Timelessly elegant patch fitting with well-defined edges and radiused corners made from high-quality materials and careful installation
  • No fixings to disrupt the harmonious surface
  • DORMA collections offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of design

Quick and easy installation

  • Same glass preparation as for previous system UNIVERSAL enables installation in existing assemblies
  • Adjustment to different glass thicknesses by means of screw system
  • Multi-dimensional adjustability even after mounting: Adjustable pivot point, alignment and zero position

More planning flexibility and security

  • Accommodation of a range of glass thicknesses (8 to 22 mm)
  • Secure use of laminated safety glass (residual load-bearing capacity, design or noise protective membranes)
  • Glass door panels up to 200 kg
  • Longer service life: Now 1,000,000 motion cycles
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The patch fitting with a unique design for all glass systems

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MUNDUS Р Customizable surfaces and colors


Installation video

Quick and easy installation