Horizontal sliding wall for safe wind and weather protection. Flexible and energy-saving

With the HSW FLEX Therm, it is particularly easy to switch between modes at the single action-sliding panel with just a throw of the lock bar. All other functional elements are integrated invisibly in the redesigned straight frame system.

The new frame system – efficient and elegant

The entire frame system has been redesigned for the HSW FLEX Therm.
The straight profiles without miter joints ensure a uniform and elegant design.
The new corner connecting system with simple screw fittings and the reduced number of components make for shorter delivery times.

From sliding to door mode with just one hand

  • Operation is easy and uncomplicated thanks to the lock bar system – with no bending down or winding.
  • The position of the lock bar immediately indicates the operating status of the panel for improved safety monitoring.

Insulating closure – amazingly simple

  • The HSW FLEX Therm provides insulation values that are 40% better than those of the predecessor model.
  • The frame profiles of the HSW FLEX Therm are designed according to the principle of thermal separation.
  • The integrated single-action door (single-action sliding panel or single-action end-panel) allows access while the rest of the frontage remains closed.
HSW FLEX Therm Mehrpunktverriegelung

Selected security for sliding walls with framed panels

The circumferential frames of the HSW FLEX Therm panels not only protect against cold or heat. They are also equipped for the safety of material goods and persons: With MULTIBLINDO multi-point locking systems. As desired, ranging from the simple open/close variant, to adjustable functions for access from inside and outside, to the self-locking panic exit door.

Technical brochure HSW

Changing between the door and sliding function is a breeze

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Product video

HSW FLEX Therm – From sliding to door mode with just one hand