Horizontal sliding glass wall for high transparency. Simple and safe to operate

The new door rail enables effortless and time-saving installation and can even hold laminated safety glass thanks to proven Clamp & Glue technology.

Quick and easy installation

The new door rail offers time-saving and effortless installation.

Safe and easy to use

  • A color-coded status display clearly shows the status of the top locking device on the single-/double-action sliding panel and the pivoting end panel.
  • This gives the operator a better overview and greater reassurance and security.
  • The foot-operated locking options offered by the face-mounted floor bolt provide maximum convenience.

More planning flexibility and security

  • Thanks to the proven Clamp & Glue technology, HSW EASY Safe enables the installation of laminated safety glass.
  • The new door rail enables the accommodation of any glass thicknesses from 10 to 19 mm.
  • Innovative double brush seals in the top and bottom door rails give secure building closure and minimize drafts.
  • The optional vertical brush seals (retrofittable) can be installed over the full height of the panels and give even better draft-proofing.
Technical brochure HSW

Technical brochure 2022

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