Interior Glass Systems – Light-flooded architecture

Glass doors and walls endow architectural concepts with transparent elegance. Sophisticated patch fittings underline the harmonious symbiosis of functionality and design. A diverse range of hardware options allows the elegant realization of virtually any conceivable toughened glass construction.

UNIQUIN – The room system with lifestyle character

Glass architecture with high functionality.

UNIQUIN is the smart glass wall system with a uniform, high-quality design. Design your offices and commercial spaces with features like sound-proofing, spatial acoustics, built-in electrification and access control systems. Get it all from one supplier.


MUTO – The manual sliding door system for glass and timber panels. Compact, flexible and varied

The manual sliding door system for glass and timber panels. Compact, flexible and varied.

MUTO is a manual sliding door system offering relatively simple installation. All relevant functions can be adjusted from the front. You also benefit from various convenient options such as a self-closing function and an integrated lock that requires no external power supply.


The big solution for small openings. MUTO Comfort M 60 – the manual sliding door.

The youngest member of the DORMA-Glas sliding door family brings design freedom and flexibility to even the smallest doorways, whether in apartments, hotels or the restaurant and hospitality industry. Now you can readily install glass or timber sliding panels in passage widths from as little as 600 mm – with the DORMOTION damping option still available. The optimized air gap of just 14 mm ensures improved draft protection. And the integration of side lights in ceiling-mounted systems is also now a reality. Even with small panels weighing up to 60 kg, maximum installation convenience remains assured: Both the anti-jump protection and the height-adjustment devices can be operated from the front. Muto Comfort M 60 – the big solution for the smallest of doorways.


MUNDUS – The patch fitting with a unique design for all glass systems

The timeless elegant patch fitting for toughened glass assemblies. Unique and individual.

Thanks to its multi-dimensional, stepless adjustability, the door can be quickly and easily aligned even after mounting. Proven Clamp & Glue technology ensures secure clamping of laminated safety glass.


HSW EASY Safe – Secure hold even for laminated safety glass

Horizontal sliding glass wall for high transparency. Simple and safe to operate.

The new door rail enables effortless and time-saving installation and can even hold laminated safety glass thanks to proven Clamp & Glue technology.


HSW FLEX Therm – Changing between the door and sliding function is a breeze

Horizontal sliding wall for safe wind and weather protection. Flexible and energy-saving.

With the HSW FLEX Therm it is particularly easy to switch between modes at the single-action sliding panel with just a throw of the lock bar. All other functional elements are integrated invisibly in the redesigned straight frame system.



Good design follows a clear concept. The lock in XEA design, matching the MUNDUS series of patch fittings.


Office Junior SVP 5000

The door lock for double security. The new self-locking panic lock, tested and certified according to DIN EN 179.


OFFICE and STUDIO door hinges –Increase of permissible load capacities

The trend in interior design is towards doors with thicker glass and thus even higher quality and stability. We have responded to this trend.


Individualised fittings

Design our glass fittings to meet your individual requests: Powder-coated in special colors and with laser engraving corresponding to your own imagination.

Or be inspired by new color combinations shown at our MultiColor Sets.


TP/TA EASY Safe Door rails for double-action and single-action doors

The door rail programme TP/TA EASY Safe leaves nothing to be desired