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Technical brochures

With a cover featuring the recognizable new design and the new DORMA-Glas logo, the technical brochures Edition 2022 for our extensive product portfolio are now available as pdf.

The Technical Brochures offer detailed information about application possibilities, measures and weights of the products. Table overviews and drawings of the single products, partly with the necessary glass processing, complement each other. Thus, you can start the planning process of your project right away.

The pdf of the following Technical Brochures are available for download here.

Moving Details.

Moving Details.


As in the past, the DORMA-Glas logo is applied to the final surfaces of most products by laser. We use the same intensity of the laser as in the past. In the case of stainless steel as well as anodised and lightly powder-coated aluminium, this creates discreet effects, while in the case of dark powder-coatings and heavier surface abrasion, the contrast is more clearly visible.


Our history. Our future. Our vision.

To set things in motion, you need passion. Because only fascination, determination and initiative can turn something small into something grand. In our case, it’s the passion for glass – a material that combines elegance, lucency, yet also weight.

Our strength lies in creating lightness. Using technology, perseverance and the knowledge of functionality to create a framework for transparency that cancels out the weightiness. So that only movement remains. This is how we create the joy of pure dynamics. Because it’s the small elements that make moving glass between spaces possible in the first place.

We at DORMA-Glas are reliable, committed and always tackle new challenges with our motivated team. We focus on the smallest component, knowing how to use it perfectly and thus create impressive moments of motion. Now and in the future.

Watch the film about the creation of our new brand identity right now.

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