the lock in XEA design

The lock that matches life.

Precise concept: 
The MUNDUS series of patch fittings.

Forms yield a good design only when they’re together. MUNDUS, clear, straight lines, with rounded corners, a system of high-quality materials and well-thought-out technology. A clear design comes up, monolithic, without visible screws. The MUNDUS fitting series sets the trend for toughened glass assemblies. 

Beautiful lock: 
OFFICE Mundus in XEA design.

The door opens. The door closes. A hundred thousand times. Opening and closing are far more than technical processes. The mechanism is touched – and it touches the senses. This is precisely where the holistic design quality of the lock manifests itself. Exactly matching the MUNDUS series of patch fittings, with the corresponding colours and shapes according to the XEA design principle.

Appealing design: 
Lock and lever handle.

A room must have an effect. Otherwise, it would not be a room in which one lives and works. To achieve that, the basic shapes, colours and surface finishes must communicate with one another. A variegated interplay according to a design language developed by dormakaba. In short, XEA. 
This is how toughened glass assemblies manifest their perfection, they are both functionally as well as emotionally impressive.

Design with three letters: XEA.

Good design, what exactly is that? Two factors count: all the parts follow a clear concept and everything together is a language that can be understood. This is because the products communicate with the users. The lever handles and locks from dormakaba are constructed quite according to this principle. 

XEA, that’s what the design language from dormakaba is called. 10 factors form a unit. Multiplicity is created within a design concept – for a compatible system of lever handles and locks.

Aesthetics is a question of the senses. But also, rationally: it is composed of defined basic shapes, colours and surface finishes. The entire holistic form also shows that the inner life of lever handles and locks has been well thought out. Harmony for technology and humans. That is the goal of dormakaba.

Design Factor #1

Recognisable details.

The dormakaba design is recognisable in every product, and naturally, also from the distinctive logo, but above all, in the interplay of the XEA elements.

Design Factor #2

Intuitive symbols

All symbols used are reduced to their most essential elements, are self-explanatory and have a high recognition factor.

Design Factor #3

Standardised surface finishes.

Four basic colours for every product ensure combinations that always match. The XEA colour numbering system provides clarity. 

Design Factor #4

Clear shapes.

The holistic shaping comes about from even and two-dimensional surfaces. Radii and sharp edges contrast with and supplement each other.

Design Factor #5

User-friendly operation.

The user interfaces follow a reduced, harmonised design, and are therefore recognisable. The operation is self-explanatory.

Design Factor #6

Elegant contrasts.

Bright and dark, matt and glossy surface finishes together form a multi-faceted unit. Therefore, individual function areas become clearly recognisable.

Design Factor #7

Strong casing.

If products are equipped with an enveloping housing frame, it provides additional protection from external influences.

Design Factor #8

Multi-layered compositions.

The construction reveals its value at first glance. The quality of the material of the decorative screens impresses with a visible, solid edge.

Design Factor #9

Integrated LED.

All applications can be learned quickly across-the-board, for example, when LED light strips signal access, guide people or indicate status.

Design Factor #10

Personal design.

A system of materials and colours creates a broad spectrum of solutions, suited to any architecture and more: individual touches are created with XEA.

OFFICE Mundus 

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Manual Single- and Double-Action Door Systems Technical brochure 2019

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