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Dorma and Kaba become dormakaba


A smart step for smart access solutions.

With over 150 years of experience and millions of installed products and solutions worldwide. From push button locks and door closers to highly complex, networked access solutions that are opened with a smartphone.

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Those who want to make access to buildings secure and efficient must tackle social and technical challenges. If you want a building that is not only secure but smart as well, you will need innovative solutions and a partner you can rely on.

The dormakaba merger offers you added value in every stage of your working relationship with us. We can now assist you with every phase of development for your building projects to ensure that you get the best solution for your needs. In doing so, our goal is to develop products, solutions and services that make the lives of our customers and of end-users more secure and simpler to manage.

With our presence in over 130 countries, we operate both globally and locally – we are there wherever you need us. We know the onsite requirements, we listen to our customers and partners, we ask the right questions and consider every aspect to come up with smart, secure access solutions – offering everything related to doors and secure access to buildings and rooms, all provided from a single source.

Innovative solutions that are as precise as they are reliable. Because we are only satisfied when you are.

We focus on your needs

dormakaba merger

Your needs are our top priority. We do everything to understand what matters to you as our customer, partner and user. To develop solutions that live up to their promises. Solutions that not only fulfill your expectations, but exceed them.

Our performance for your goals

dormakaba merger

We have a clear aim: your satisfaction. Employing high standards of security, quality and reliability, we offer you products, solutions and services that give you the comforting feeling of being in good hands.

Shaping the future through curiosity

dormakaba merger

Progress is driven by curiosity. That is why we ask questions, research and recognize trends – always looking ahead. It’s an approach that translates into products, solutions and services that help our customers on their path to the future – and help make access smarter and more secure.

Facing challenges with determination

dormakaba merger

We are constantly seeking new ways to develop our access solutions. To do this, we face up to new challenges and seek solutions that deliver genuine added value for our customers and users.

Earning your trust

dormakaba merger

We want to give our customers the comforting feeling of always having a trusted partner at their side. We strive to ensure that all of our products, solutions and services reflect that attitude.