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The First Glass Experience training program. For all those keen to know more

The training event First Glass Experience is an exclusive training series around our dormakaba glass systems (IGS), which consists of three modules based on each other. Touch and grab!

In addition, the sales training First Glass Experience will be held around our dormakaba glass systems (IGS). MUTO and MUNDUS. For use and distribution!

Secure concentrated product competence and valuable practical knowledge for your daily business.

Details on the training contents, training times and how to register and log in can be found here.

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The training experience by professionals for professionals. Giving you more expertise and enhancing your trade standing


All the arguments. All the advantages

Before you can convince your customers of your capabilities, you must yourself be firmly convinced of the advantages of our First Glass Experience. Consequently, here once again are all the main arguments and benefits of our training program for you at a glance:

dormakaba has developed its exclusive First Glass Experience precisely for practitioners of your trade – a training event covering everything related to our Interior Glass Systems. With it, we aim to meet your expectations of high technical know-how, product competence and in-job confidence. The First Glass Experience consists of three modules that build a stairway to the top (Basic, Professional and Expert). In quality terms, all three courses are of the very highest standard! You find out step by step what makes the installation of our various systems and products so special – not only in fascinating theory but also with engaging, hands-on practicals. We take training straight to achievement! Because at the centre of each course is a «practical parcours» in which you immediately put what you learn into practice with a true-to-life installation exercise. So hands-on fixing and assembly skills are very much part of the curriculum. And as for extra-curricular activities circling your First Glass Experience, there will be plenty of variety to help you relax and enjoy yourself after a good day’s work.

Best of all: your Installer’s License
We provide you with a permanent record of your training success with award of a certificate showing you as a «Qualified dormakaba Installation Partner». You get a display certificate for your trade premises, stickers for your vehicle/fleet and a personal ID in cheque card format. It’s something that will boost your reputation and give your customers a solid reason to choose you over others. 

The coach that covers the lot

He has glazed vehicles and buildings, installed toughened glass assemblies, assembled glass showcases and repaired glass systems of all types – since the beginning of the 1980s when others were still playing with their Lego and toy hammers. Oliver Krause indeed has plenty of experience under his belt, complemented by skills acquired in the coaching of trainees, in the instruction of co-workers and in the provision of consultancy services to private customers. Working for Saint-Gobain Deutsche Glas Köln, the stations on his professional journey include branch manager, application engineer, product manager and trade fair representative. We are delighted to have won him in 2015 as the dormakaba product trainer!
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