Our history. Our future. Our vision.

To set things in motion, you need passion. Because only fascination, determination and initiative can turn something small into something grand. In our case, it’s the passion for glass – a material that combines elegance, lucency, yet also weight.

Our strength lies in creating lightness. Using technology, perseverance and the knowledge of functionality to create a framework for transparency that cancels out the weightiness. So that only movement remains. This is how we create the joy of pure dynamics. Because it’s the small elements that make moving glass between spaces possible in the first place. Our astute eye for detail enables us to manufacture perfectly matched, technically precise and aesthetically pleasing interior glass systems since 1908. We are experts in the field and create products of the highest quality “Made in Germany”.

We at DORMA-Glas are reliable, committed and always tackle new challenges with our motivated team. We focus on the smallest component, knowing how to use it perfectly and thus create impressive moments of motion. Now and in the future.

Our motivation ­– and our new claim.

With our passion for glass as a material, we create something big out of something small. Pure dynamics developed from perfectly matched, technically precise glass fittings. Because it’s the small elements with a big effect that makes moving glass between rooms possible in the first place.


Made in Germany for the world.

Quality, experience, innovation ­– and convinced customers

We are specialists in our field. Precise, experienced, versatile. And we are always loyally at our customers’ side. Today and in the future. With the participation of Aliante Equity Tre S.p.A., DORMA-Glas is now once again operating independently at its Bad Salzuflen site.

We have returned to our roots and are taking off into the future. With our experience, our expertise, our smart products, intelligent innovations and with all our heart and soul. So we are – as we have been for decades – a reliable, agile, innovative partner for you.