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Know something but keen to know more? Then the First Glass Experience training program is right for you!

Are you a dormakaba installation or sales partner? Do you find in-job mediocrity less than acceptable? Then the exclusive First Glass Experience is precisely the place for you. Our new training courses covering the full range of Interior Glass Systems provide packaged product competence and sales-sustaining know-how – for more sales pitch confidence and customer satisfaction.

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Discover our Glass Innovations

dormakaba offers a wide range of partitioning systems enabling rooms to be connected or separated as and when required. High-quality patch fittings complement such solutions for maximum flexibility and aesthetic elegance, while individual components add safety, security, sound protection and savings in energy – all in line with and adaptable to user requirements.

Product overview

Whether you want to delve more deeply into our extensive glass system solutions or are looking for a touch of creative inspiration: We offer you the means to pursue your personal goals. Take a closer look at one of our viewable catalogues or download the material as a PDF to peruse at your leisure. 

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Dorma and Kaba become dormakaba

The merger between Dorma and Kaba underlines our passionate commitment to serving you and your customers. 

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